ROUTES - video by Karina Smigla-Bobinski


5th - 12th of November 2012
Centro Cultural Universitario
University Extension UNNE - Northeastern National University
Córdoba 794, 3400 Corrientes, Argentina

is 1-canal video with music by SWOD. A classic by Karina Smigla-Bobinski, which was shown at many festivals and exhibitions all over the world, the last time at IV Festival of Video Art in Camaguey, Cuba. > more

Art and technology come together in this unprecedented exhibition offered by the University Cultural Center

TThe General Secretariat of University Extension (Corrientes) of Northeastern University invites the opening of  PLAY-Videoart Week-, to be held on Monday, November 5 at 19:30 in the Sala del Sol at the University Cultural Center (Córdoba y 9 de julio).
In this first edition PLAY- Videoart Week- invite the viewer to take a journey through contemporary technological poetics, through the works of national and international artists from differents countries such as Japan, Germany, Spain, Peru, and Brazil, specially selected to be part of this exhibition. 

The exhibition will be held from 5 to 12 November at the University Cultural Center, starting on Monday afternoon with an "Opening video fest"with the video-instalations   given by Emanuel Acosta (Ternura Films) , with the direction of Diego Benitez and Fernando Adrián Correa´s music.
The curator of the exhibition, Maia Navas, explains that it "is an artistic visibility platform for video artists for doing actions and reflect on new dimensions to explore. The creators guests bring diversity of looks / thematics creating and mutant collective identity through the multiplicity of subjectivities present. "
Respect to the combination of the technology and art the curator tells us: "the use of new electronic technologies and languages for artistic allows the emergence of new ways of using styles, as well as the emergence of some never seen before. Converge here, multiple formats and combinations dialogues between video, dance, music, performance, documentary, etc. PLAY is a space-time that allows mapping and ephemeral present, where reflect about posthistorical coordinates, rethinking the contemporany art. From a point where many cultures and languages cross PLAY realizes a map of contemporary esthetics in relation to video art, "concludes Maia Navas.

Participating Artists:

Jun'ichiro ISHII (Japan)
Karina Smigla-Bobinski (Germany)
Daniel Silvo (Spain)
Franscesca Llopis (Spain)
Angie Bonino (Peru)
Cristian Alarcon Ismodes (Peru)
Mariana Xavier (Brazil)
Graciela Taquini (Argentina)
Daniela Muttis (Argentina)
Celeste Jacobo (Argentina)
Claudio Javier Vallejos (Argentina)
Celeste Massin (Argentina)
Maia Navas (Argentina)

Music: Adrian Fernando Correa. (Corrientes)
Opening and Spot Instalations PLAY: Emanuel Acosta (TernuraFilms) Manager: Diego Benitez. (Corrientes)

Centro Cultural Universitario at Universidad Nacional del Nordeste
The National University of the Northeast (Castilian: Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, UNNE) is an Argentine national university.
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PLAY Semana de Video Arte is an international video art exhibition which will take place in the University Cultural Center of Northeastern National University. > more

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