TOOLKIT RESEARCH: Workshop with Karina Smigla-Bobinski

A plus A Centro Espositivo Sloveno di Venezia
San Marco 3073,
Venezia 30124, Italia

December 1-2 | 2012
Deadline: November 27

Applications are open for workshops with international artists working in the field of New Media Art organized by Toolkit Festival, in collaboration with the A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Center, for the upcoming of its third edition that will occur in Venice on May 9th-10th -11th, 2013.

These workshops, which will occur in the A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Center and that will last two days, represent an important formative opportunity, a moment of didactic exchange that is unique in its kind, where the observers will have the opportunity to encounter the artists and to discover closely their work. > more

TOOLKIT FESTIVAL was founded with the goal of exploring the expressive horizons that existed only in a virtual sense up until a few years ago. Now, thanks to technology, artists are able to enrich the reality of bodies, places and architecture by displacing traditional concepts of the “art exhibition”. The 3-day event is an attempt to involve a whole city in a unique experience, and prove that interactivity is not just a response to stimuli but a complex system made up of ideas, people, places and a mutual exchange of energy.

ToolKit Festival was created with the intent of organizing an international meeting for young artists working in the field of Interactive Art. The idea came from an artist whose aim was to connect a group of people driven by the same interests who were willing to organize the Festival. Together, they have been discussing the matters regarding the state of interactive art and the availability of exhibition spaces for artists interested in new media art.

The approach developed by the selected artists is strictly connected with the fact that they belong to a generation raised on technology. For them, technology is an essential means to relate to the world, to society and, consequently, to artistic production. The possibility to explore new expressive horizons – those which belonged exclusively to the virtual world until a few years ago – translates into the attempt by the artist to enrich the reality of bodies, places and architectures. The playful aspect typical of interactive art reflects the way in which these works of art are enjoyed. In this light, the role of the public, who is the real protagonist of the festival, is essential. Through the public the presented works reach their completion. Immersive environments, interactive installations, performances, dance and electronic music will alternate with educational workshops. This combination of events will allow the public to experience the exhibition in a new and more complete way, throwing into crisis the traditional boundaries of it. > more

A plus A | Slovenian Exhibition Centre has operated in Venice since 1998 and is one of the first transnational forums dedicated to the promotion and development of Slovenian culture and identity for the 21st century. In the course of its operation, A plus A has always received support and recognition from Slovenian institutions, primarily collaborating with the Ministry of Culture, promoting a multitude of international projects with partners such as the European Union. It is the official seat of the Slovenian Pavilion at the international Venice Biennial, and in the course of its operation has become a meeting point for Slovenian artists, local youth and the rich international community that populates the city of Venice. Each year A plus A produces, promotes and realizes over 30 events related to contemporary art research, in collaboration with major local, national and international entities.
Featuring one of the most expansive exhibition schedules in the city, shows range from historic Slovenian artists, such as Zoran Music, to Audio-Video performance and urban installation. Since 2008, A plus A has been invited by the City of Verona and the Verona Art Fair to create an exhibition devoted to contemporary art from the most promising talents of former Eastern European countries, teaming with Italy’s most active cultural institutions and businesses that operate towards the idea of a new cross-border community.
From an institutional perspective, our center develops relationships with all major city institutions such as the Venice Biennial, IUAV University, Ca ‘Foscari University, the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, and the Venice City Council (Department of Culture, Department of Education, and Department of Youth and Peace). In particular, we are active in the field of post-graduate education, hosting a course in curatorial practices in contemporary art, one of the most intensive and renown courses in the industry on a national level, attended by students from all major Italian universities. > more 

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