S I M U L A C R A .
interactive video installation

L ' O S O S P H E R E
La Coop, Port du Rhin, Straßburg, France

parcours artistique
29.04. - 1.05.2017

SIMULACRA is an optophysical experimental. At its heart are four LCD monitor panels, which are assembled in the form of a hollow square, and installed at eye level in the middle of the room. The ensemble appears internally gutted, overgrown and embraced. A tangle of cables and control devices pours out of the middle of the square. All around it several magnifying lenses dangle from chains. The imageless glaring ray of the monitors looks as if the images had fallen out of them. What remains is the essence of the medium: Light.
But the images are still in the screens. It requires only a small visual aid to recognise them. >


Since 1998, L’Ososphère is a multidisciplinary event working on digital cultures and the renewal of the shape of the town and of the view of our time, in Strasbourg.
Building up “Machines à Ville” throughout Strasbourg, L’Ososphère offers a program of exhibitions, concerts, sound cruises, artistic interventions in iconic places and public spaces, workshops, meetings, etc.

A town is a good scale to understand what structures and stimulates our society. Through its neighbourhood and public spaces, it is perhaps the first place to build a relation to the world and its changes.
L’Ososphère keeps questioning the place of art in the making of the town and of the society.
It is the issue of an “Art de Ville” that has to be always renewed in order to nourish our vision and inhabit together the world and our time.
The unique port site of La Coop, part of the Strasbourg urban developpement, is becoming our new signature. We have been rewriting its destiny since 2012.
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