SIMULACRA - interactive video installation

Opening 9th June 2014
Duration 10th - 27th June 2014
Oi Futuro Rio

SIMULACRA is an optophysical experimental arrangement with which Karina Smigla-Bobinski succeeds to build a bridge between media technology and perception philosophy. At its heart are four LCD monitor panels, which are assembled in the form of a hollow square, and installed at eye level in the middle of the room. The ensemble appears internally gutted, overgrown and embraced. A tangle of cables and control devices pours out of the middle of the square. All around it several magnifying lenses dangle from chains. The imageless glaring ray of the monitors looks as if the images had fallen out of them. What remains is the essence of the medium: Light.

But the images are still in the screens. It requires only a small visual aid to recognise them. LCD-Monitors require several polarising films in front and behind the pixel layers to produce visible images. These polarising films filter the certain vibration directions of the emitting light. One of them is located on the surface of the monitor and can easily be scraped off using solvent and a glass scraper. The stripped monitor doesn't display any more pictures, but shines with an intense white light.

SIMULACRA penetrates deep into the discourses of subject and view, image and reality. We all move through our worlds in constant interaction between external and internal imagesand ourselves. Smigla-Bobinski lets the viewer have a peek into her view of the how the virtual works: in the digital video, body parts appear on a white glowing surface , but we recognise this as a person who is swimming in a brightly lit tank filled with a milky fluid. Without the 'seeing aid' the screens seem to show the empty tank, but viewed through the film, the figure is partially visible. This results in the impression that the visual aid gives rise to the figure itself. However, the person is always present in the monitor pixels. What is brought to light is the video in itself - a significant difference in the context of negotiating the remuneration of virtuality and reality. A disembodied medium seems to create a body, a person. more

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Oi Futuro RIO
Rua Dois de Dezembro 63, Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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