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"Vision and disaster: How film frames climate change" 
Spotlight science film platform Labocine by Rockefeller University in New York


Not only does the question of humankind and the human condition with its unique form of being, its interactional forms and necessities, its weaknesses and strengths occupy a central thematic focus in art, but also in philosophical discourse. The artist‘s personal artistic goal is to articulate this philosophic discourse not in words and concepts but works of art. Therefore one could draw a parallel conclusion that her work is dialectical art, since it is through its to- and fro movement between the artist and audience, mediated, contained, guided by an appropriate and adequate medium, that this momentum originally develops and is developed. > more

Imagine Science Films
Imagine Science Films is a non-profit organization in existence since 2008 committed to promoting a high-level dialogue between scientists and filmmakers.
Founded at Rockefeller University by geneticist and filmmaker Alexis Gambis in 2008, ISF has produced annual science film festivals in New York, Paris, and Abu Dhabi, as well as at satellite events worldwide, and serves as a major venue for the release of new and experimental works bridging the worlds of science and film. We seek to challenge and expand the role of science in the current cultural discourse by providing a forum for adventurous interdisciplinary collaboration.

ISF satellite locations have included Berlin, Chicago, Dublin, Quito, Bologna, Hong Kong, Athens, Kaluga, San Francisco, Oslo, Warsaw and Geneva. > more

science film platform, which takes the form of a monthly video magazine and complements our annual festival, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Each month, we'll draw a thematic program of  films, not as a traditional playlist but more as a network of interlinked subjects.

Vision and disaster: How film frames climate change
This spotlight will highlight films that frame climate change through human perceptions. Whether they render the victims of climate change visible or seek to illustrate the interdependence between human and ecosystem, these works speak to very intimate ways that people cannot be disentangled from what's happening to our larger environment.

The set date for Publication is mid to late December. As a reference to Spotlights, visit: labocine.com/spotlights
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