analog interactive installation / placebo painting
large scale streaming

Toronto International Film Festival > digiPlaySpace

February 17 - April 22, 2018

350 King Street W
Toronto, Canada

Karina Smigla-Bobinski created interactive apparatuses generating astonishing optical effects and an consciousness-expanding visual experience. When using those objects, one always arrives at that point where perception processes that normally happen totally in the subconscious emerge to the surface and get tangible, thereby providing fascinating experiences.
KALEIDOSKOPE functions as a very large and completely walkable lightbox. On its surface float in separate layers inks in cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY). But these colors what we see are not there, they do not exist outside of our head, they are completely created by our brain and so definitely "virtual".
Every kind of pressure – be it with one finger, with the feet or be it with the entire body – displaces and shifts the inks and it produced by overlapping the „real“ colors red, green and blue (RGB), which can be picked up and recorded by human retina.
The liquids are serving as filters and transform the white backlight of the box in infinite variations.

Filters change the colors by letting through only certain wavelengths of the light. Normally, they are static objects – glass plates or foils – whose modulation effects always stay the same. In KALEIDOSKOPE the filtering inks are freeflowing and so the rigid analytic investigation of the laws of optic turns into a psychedelic experience within a delirious abundance of colors. > more

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