large scale streaming on LED facade

F I L E - L E D - S H O W
FILE Electronic Language International Festival in São Paulo

in collaboration with Felix Beck and Barkin Simsek from New York University Abu Dhabi

July 03 to August 08, 2018

SESI Art Galery
Cultural Center Fiesp – Ruth Cardoso
São Paulo, Brazil

is the digital part of the analog interactive installation. Both parts turn the analytic investigation of the laws of optics into a psychedelic experience.

At the FILE LED SHOW the artist transfers the aesthetic force of the work into the public space on a very large scale: A camera shot from above people on the installation during the FILE Festiaval in 2016. This means the outcomes of the CMY-RGB from the Kaleidoscope light box was picked up and recorded in digital coding systems by the camera. The footage is displayed in pure RGB coding on the huge LED facade of the festival building. But before this RGB light can be pick up by our eyes, it passes through auto-typical color synthesis. This color mixing works in exactly opposite way as the color mixing on the light box. Here the „real colors“: red, green and blue (RGB) produce by switching one of them off the „virtual colors“. > more

created interactive apparatuses generating astonishing optical effects and a consciousness-expanding visual experience. When using those objects, one arrives always at that point where perception processes that normally happen totally in the subconscious, emerge to the surface and get tangible, thereby providing fascinating experiences.

The FIESP building's media facade is truly an unique experience for everyone involved: a 'Super Sign' for city dwellers and a blank canvas in the enormous size of a skyscraper for the media artists.

FILE LED Show 2018 presents three screenings in the SESI Digital Arts Gallery which result from partnerships with the Department of Digital Arts of the Pratt Institute, New York, the American University of Sharjah, and the Abu Dhabi Campus of the University of New York. 

As part of FILE LED Show 2018 the SESI Art Gallery presents a collaboration between artists of the past FILE LED Shows with Felix Beck and Barkin Simsek from New York University Abu Dhabi.

FILE LED Show 2018 Curatorial Selection by Fernanda Almeida would be included in their "Augmented Architecture Installation". An architectural model of the FIESP building will be augmented through the projection. As such the installation serves as a medium to give visitors access to a new form of archive and can serve as a test-bed for future developments.

FILE Electronic Language International Festival - is a nonprofit cultural organization that promotes a reflection on current key issues of contemporary electronic-digital universe, during the past 14-years history the festival has being promoting through events and publications the national and international new media art production in Brazil, in South America. FILE brings together works of digital aesthetic expression, with the main trends and movements in contemporary culture, which are diversified in the fields of digital culture: Electronic Sonority, Digital Language and Interactive Art.

Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto > Organizers and founders of FILE


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