analog interactive installation / placebo painting / open frameworks
large scale streaming on the FILE LED facade

FILE SÃO PAULO 2016 > Come Cross the Limit
Electronic Language International Festival in São Paulo, Brazil

From July 11th to August 28th, 2016

Centro Cultural FIESP – Ruth Cardoso
Av. Paulista, 1313
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Named KALEIDOSKOP functions as a lightbox upon which inks in red, yellow and blue are floating between several layers. Every kind of pressure displaces and shifts the inks and generates permanently changing images. At the FILE Sao Paolo, where KALEIDOSKOP premieres, Karina Smigla-Bobinski transfers the aesthetic force of the work into the public space on a very large scale: a camera faced centrally downwards from above is shooting the people using the playing surface. The footage is streamed on the huge LED facade of the festival building. > more

Come Cross the Limit
The exhibition invites the viewers to experience the blend of electronic art with contemporary art. To immerse in the withdrawal of the lanes of design, game, animation and art categories. In addition, in this immersion, to check out artistic productions that are tricking some aesthetic boundaries. The image distortion. The color and tone saturation. The fusion of things. The combination of real space with virtual space. The outlining and blurring of vision. The synchrony of image and sound. The combination of old and new. The exploration of mathematical formulas. The extrapolation of media limits. The membrane that builds on itself. The disturbance of software order. The integration of exterior and interior.
It is, above all, an invitation to unlock the door of the senses. To enjoy. To perceive and discover the nuances that exist between one thing and another. However, not to recognize them as a geometric line that reinforces the limits that are barriers, but to recognize the intimacy of the in between the potential of transformation. The interaction and the contemplation, the grope and the hearing which allow to amplify our mind because it is in this process of groping that the imagination experiments the sensation of going beyond its limit. > more

FILE Electronic Language International Festival - is a nonprofit cultural organization that promotes a reflection on current key issues of contemporary electronic-digital universe, during the past 14-years history the festival has being promoting through events and publications the national and international new media art production in Brazil, in South America. FILE brings together works of digital aesthetic expression, with the main trends and movements in contemporary culture, which are diversified in the fields of digital culture: Electronic Sonority, Digital Language and Interactive Art.

”In digital arts there is not distinction, in their use, between learning and fruition-interaction. This guarantees the return of the public, the wider public, not only the elites, to the world of arts, in an unprecedented volume, that can only be worked out in a more effective way in the contemporary world with public strategies of digital interaction” (Ricardo Barreto).

Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto > Organizers and founders of FILE


further information - www.smigla-bobinski.com or