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Extraordinary: Everyday objects & actions in contemporary art
25 July - 18 October 2015

The exhibition, entitled Extraordinary: Everyday objects and actions in contemporary art brings together artists from the UK and Europe who use banal objects or deceptively simple actions to turn the everyday into art. Playful, imaginative and interactive, the exhibition will offer creative inspiration for families of all ages.

Kate Farrell, special exhibitions manager at The Lowry, said: “There is a longstanding tradition of artists using everyday objects in their work, and this playful approach to contemporary art can be extended to the quintessential everyday object: the human body; an object that we all own and can be used to initiate, create and facilitate creative expression which will be encouraged within this exhibition, ensuring visitors have the opportunity to contribute to works of art in the gallery for others to enjoy.”

Willi Dorner
Martin Creed
Gavin Turk
Bruce Nauman
Karina Smigla-Bobinski
Martha Rosler
Wood & Harrison
Leo Fitzmaurice
Erwin Wurm
Christoph Buchler
John Coplans
Roelof Louw

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