analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture / post-digital drawing machine

Zellstraße 4
81667 Munich, Germany

16.01. - 18.01.2018 / 19:00 - 23:00
Vernissage on 16.01.2018 at 19:00

Artist Talk on 18.01.2018 at 20:00

ADA - analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture / post-digital drawing machine
Named after 19th century English mathematician, Ada Lovelace, ADA is a self-forming artwork and post-industrial “creature”, resembling a molecular hybrid from nano biotechnology. Filled up with helium and spiked with charcoals, the membrane-like globe floats freely in each room it is located and leave marks on the walls, ceilings and floors. It is meant to be a movement to experience visually, like a computer that generates unforeseeable output after receiving a command. > more

at the Muffatwerk, a former power station built in Art Nouveau style, serves as a major energy supplier for Munich to this very day - for the arts, culture and youth scene, however. The interdisciplinary program is inspired by the idea of a multicultural, future-oriented and urban contemporary culture. The audience is provided with a cutting edge agenda and plenty of space is given to the creation of synergies between the fine arts and youth culture. Consequently, Muffatwerk is setting standards for the city of Munich in the field of music culture.
The live music program offers a wide range of opportunities to the visitor and music lover. Emerging stars of the international music scene, from rock and pop to world music, might be discovered early on and the ever-changing trends of music might as well be tracked by the audience.
The young and cosmopolitan perspective allows for a broad spectrum of art, and places importance on the aesthetic proximity of artists from various genres.

Keen on experimenting and based on contemporary culture, Muffatwerk appears again and again as home of the international scene and is, as such, counted among the most respected cutting edge venues in Germany. In addition to music, the complex program structure is composed of dance, theater, musical theater, performance art, multimedia, literature, and visual art.

For years, Muffatwerk has been a platform for numerous festivals including "Münchner Biennale," "Spielart," "Dance," "Tanzwerkstatt Europa," "musica viva," "Münchner Jugendfilmfest," and "Wortspiele." By means of production collaborations and performance opportunities Muffatwerk also supports the local theater and dance scene.

Another focal point of the program is a consistent commitment to the use of new media in the creative process. Muffatwerk is eager to make visible the link between art and science, and to set future trends in this area. Giving free rein to such an interdisciplinary approach, media festivals like the Serious Chiller Lounge, Future Communities, Digital Crossover and Make World were developed and hosted. > more

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