analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture / post-digital drawing machine

Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne
14 rue d’Échange
35000 Rennes, France

10th to 15th October 2017

Since 2001, the association Electroni[k] is mindful about the issues of booming disciplines and works to open emerging cultures and innovative art practices to the public. The presented works meet different audiences, in intimate venues as well as more collective and festive ones, on several territories. The association produces creations putting together arts, music and technologies.  
The boundaries between visual arts, music, dance, drama, cinema are more and more permeable and tend to vanish. The artists create multidisciplinary works where sounds, bodies, voices, fixed or moving images take part in the same project. This is due to art practices that are more and more cross-disciplinary but also to public cultural practices that develop, because of the emergency of new technologies and their democratization, new uses and relational ways.  
At the crossing of these two approaches, it should be done to work with new inventive, poetic, sensible, and flexible artistic forms where anyone, no matter his place, history, status, education, territory, may progress. Electroni[k] creates every year an artistic project combining numerous disciplines, addressing new territories and all publics. > more

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