analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture / post-digital drawing machine

Grande Halle de la Villette Paris > 100% EXPO
contemporary art exhibition in the framework of the new multidisciplinary festival

From March 25 to April 10, 2016
Opening Reception > Wednesday, March 25th, 8pm

211 Avenue Jean Jaurès
75019 Paris

Wave frequencies, data, hackers and algorithms are the invisible omnipresent ghosts of our time?
This exhibition explores the issue through youth work and iconic international artists

ADA - analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture / post-digital drawing machine
Named after 19th century English mathematician, Ada Lovelace, ADA is a self-forming artwork and post-industrial “creature”, resembling a molecular hybrid from nano biotechnology. Filled up with helium and spiked with charcoals, the membrane-like globe floats freely in each room it is located and leave marks on the walls, ceilings and floors. It is meant to be a movement to experience visually, like a computer that generates unforeseeable output after receiving a command. > more

100% EXPO Festival
Juggling with all artistic languages, 100% will be unfurling the activities throughout an entire month: shows, installations, concert, workshops, walks, and meet-ups. This festival is an invitation to discover the diversity of the artists in residence here year-round and to see the best of their current creative output through some big names on the international scene.> more

Karina Smigla-Bobinski
Xavier Veilhan
Felix Luque Sanchez & Inigo Bilbao
Geoffrey Lillemon
A two dogs Company / Kris Verdonck
Cecile Beau & Nicolas Montgermont
LE FRESNOY, Studio national des arts contemporains
Lukas Truniger
Déjà entendu
Christian Rizzo
Yasmina Benabderrahmane
Ludivine Sibelle
Kate Krolle
Pauline Curnier Jardin
Geo Wyeth
Projet Eva
Folie L5
Clemence Seilles & co
Robbert Weide

Grande Halle de La Villette
The Grande Halle is an exceptional architectural structure that is part of La Villette’s history. Baron Haussmann asked architect Jules de Mérindol to design the structure in 1865, in order to house France’s largest cattle market. Given its location next to the slaughterhouses to the north of La Villette, over 4,600 cattle changed hands here. When La Villette was made into an urban park in 1974, the hall’s exceptional glass and iron architecture was preserved and the building became a renowned exhibition and cultural centre. The former cattle market was renovated in 2005, and is today a heritage site that reflects La Villette’s cultural and social diversity. > more

La Villette
75019 PARIS

Tuesday and Friday from 18h to midnight
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 14h to midnight
Sunday from 14h to 20h
Closed on Mondays.

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