ADA - Analog Interactive Installation - Post-Digital Drawing Machine
Microwave International New Media Arts Festival Hong Kong

07.11.- 07.12. 2014
Hong Kong City Hall

With the curated theme of "Living Architecture" Microwave Festival has invited multiple world known artists and scholars to come to Hong Kong with their latest media art works and projects. Microwave Festival began in 1996 as an annual video art festival of the local video art institution Videotage. But as technology progressed and became more accessible, video art slowly evolved to involve other media; thus Microwave began to embrace the wider range of new media art. Eventually branching out as an independent art festival dedicated to new media art, Microwave has steadily grown into a well-established festival that brings cutting-edge works to provoke thought in the technological hub that is Hong Kong every year. Now stepping into our 18th year, Microwave will continue its hard work to inspire Hong Kong and the rest of the world with pioneering media artworks selected to suit themes relevant to our society today, while also avidly supporting the exchange and dialogue between artists, professionals and the general public. Microwave envisions that through its network, Hong Kong artists will be introduced to international institutions and curators, working as a platform and gateway for them to develop their art and skills. more >
ADA - an analog interactive kinetic sculpture by Karina Smigla-Bobinski, similiar to Tinguely's «Méta-Matics», acts itself. At Tinguely's it is sufficient to be an unwearily struggling mechanical being. He took it wryly: the machine produces nothing but its industrial self-destruction. Whereas «ADA» is a post-industrial "creature", visitor animated, creatively acting artist-sculpture, self-forming artwork, resembling a molecular hybrid, such as a one from nano biotechnology. It developes the same rotating silicon-carbon-hybrids, midget tools, miniature machines able to generate simple structures. > more

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