Excerpt from the lecture “Art Between Atoms & Bits”
[German with Engl. Subtitles]

Conference talk by Karina Smigla-Bobinski at KIKK international festival of digital and creative cultures
Le Théâtre de Namur, Belgien

KIKK festival is an international festival of digital and creative cultures. Its interest lies in the artistic and economic implications of new technologies. The event gathers people of all backgrounds from all around the world. They are designers, scientists, makers, entrepreneurs, artists, architects, developers or musicians. They come to KIKK to tell you their personal anecdotes, to share professional experiences and innovative ideas, to present an artwork, a project or a product. You return home full of inspiration with plenty of contacts and new passions.

More than 30 conference speakers with a worldwide impact: Artists, designers, researchers, innovators, developers, photographers are getting ready to blow your mind.
Stefan Sagmeister, ustwo, Memo Akten, Pauline Van Dongen, WILD, Agi Haines, Aram Bartholl, Raquel Meyers, 84.Paris, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Gene Kogan, Kathy Hinde, Thomas Thwaites, Pablo Garcia, Adrien M & Claire B, Nicolas Bernier, Fabian Oefner, Cécile Beau, Joanie Lemercier, Douglas Edric Stanley, Akufen, Nils Volker, Nicky Assman & Joris Strijbos, Alice Jarry, Superscript?, Gabey Tjon A Tham, Gaël Hugo, 1024 Architecture, Klaus Obermaier, François Pachet, Els Viaene, Stéphanie Roland, Peter William Holden, Quadrature, Edith Dekyndt, Wim Jannsen, Antoine Bertin, Ori Elisar, Emmanuel Van Der Auwera, Lumisokea, Jerobeam Fenderson, Lawrence Le Doux, Aymeric De Tapol, Dimitri Runkkarri, Fabien Penso, Arnaud Coomans, Fabrice Lejeune, Philippe Modard, Loïc Vigneron, Michaël Uyttersprot, Yannick Schutz, Benjamin De Cock and many more
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Le Théâtre de Namur
Place du Théâtre 2,
5000 Namur, Belgien